Sunday, June 29, 2014

Voyageur's National Park

                                                        Sunset over one of the many islands
                                                                       Bald Eagle
 White Pelican

I just returned from a trip to Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota.  We took one of the park boat tours which took us to several of the Bald Eagle nests in the park.  Also, we were able to see the White Pelicans, which at one time had become extinct in the park.  This park is very unique due to the fact that the park is water, not a land mass.  There are four large lakes and twenty five small lakes, plus many rivers and streams that connect the bodies of water.  The large lakes have many small islands in them.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Michigan Watercolor Society

This painting, titled "Threads of Memory" was accepted into the Michigan Watercolor Society 2014 Juried Exhibit.  The show opens June 7, 2014 and closes July 7, 2014.  The exhibit is being held at the Greater Flint Arts Council, Saginaw, Michigan.  Painted on a gesso surface, this picture really glows with color.  I explained the process used to paint this picture under an earlier posting, "Sweet Dreams".  Painting on a gesso surface is one of my favorite ways to paint a picture.