Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Afternoon Shadows

This painting was juried into the Ohio Watercolor Society Show which will take place from Nov. 1, 2012 until Jan. 13, 2013.  The show opens at the Riffe Gallery of Art, 77 South High Street, Columbus, OH.  My painting was selected for the Travel Show in the Watercolor Ohio 2012.  This is another example of tape batik, using masking tape as a resist, then layering watercolor paint and more masking  tape until the painting is complete. This was done on Arches paper.

Summer in the park

I have spent the last few mornings out painting.  The trees are just beginning to turn color, which helps when painting a mass of green!  I am afraid we will have a short color season since it has been so dry, therefore I am painting every chance I get.  Even if I don't finish these on site, I have enough information to finish a respectable painting later.  My primary goal is to block in the big shapes and values when I know I won't be able to stay and paint for long.  I take several photos for reference also.This is a small plein air piece,  done in acrylic on linen canvas.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wax Batik Bird's Nest

I really thought a long time about how best to paint this robin's nest, complete with blue eggs.  Using wax batik I was able to get the texture of both the twigs in the nest and the surface of the eggs.  This painting was juried into the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati Show, 2012.

Mill Pond

This was done a a beautiful sunny day.  I really enjoyed being outside while painting this piece.  This is an acrylic on canvas.

Rain in the Mountains

I painted this on a rainy day in the mountains.  When working on location I always hope for perfect weather, but atmospheric changes add a lot to a painting.  This is an acrylic on canvas.

Mama Swan #2

I originally painted this picture in the independent layering technique on yupo paper. You can see this under an earlier posting, called Mama Swan #1.   I wanted to try it as a traditional watercolor on Arches paper.  There are wonderful changes in a painting that happen when I change media.

Batik Waterlily

This is another version of the waterlilies that I painted earlier.  I decided to try it as a wax batik.  I wasn't happy with the either the colors or shapes so I worked to correct the problems.  Using Caran D'Arche crayons and more watercolor I darkened values and fixed shapes.  Since it was done on rice paper there is a lot of texture in the flowers and leaves.

Forgotten Farm

Many areas of the country that are cleared for development leave behind wonderful old homes that stand forgotten.  This house looks like it could tell many stories of the family that lived there.  This is a pastel on sanded paper.

Summer Farm

I painted this from a few quick sketches and a photo I took on location.  So many times I see things that would be a great painting, but not in a location far enough off of the road to be able to stand and safely paint!  This is a pastel done on sanded paper.

Sunflower Field

This is a pastel done on sanded paper.  I painted this farm working on location. 

Waterlilies #2

Here is another patch of waterlilies painted in the same manner.  I think a captured a nice glow on the waterlily in the foreground.

Waterlilies #1

These waterlilies were painted in watercolor on Arches paper.  I used a lot of dark, sedimentary colors to get the variations in the background and reflections.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Pool of Light

This was my first attempt at Tape Batik which I learned from Sandy Maudlin.  The painting was created using layers of watercolor and masking tape as a resist. This painting was done on watercolor paper.  I thought it captured the feel of the warm sun as it washed acrosss the porch.

A Blue Spring

Blue hydrangeas are the most beautiful flower.  This old stucco house was the perfect backdrop for this garden.  I painted this in pastels on sanded paper.

Beach Girls

This is another example of Independent Layering painted on Yupo paper.  Both fluid acrylics and watercolor paint were used.

Mama Swan

This family of swans was swimming so peacefully across the lake.  I used the process called Independent Layering which I learned in a workshop from Sandy Maudlin.  Both fluid acrylics and watercolor paints are used on Yupo paper.

Swan Lake

This painting began as a batik.  However, after removing the wax I was not happy with the value range in the swan. I mounted the rice paper on a sheet of watercolor paper and began to fix the painting.  I used Caran D'Arche crayons and more watercolor painted directly onto the surface of the rice paper to correct the problems.

Michigan Cherries

It is a beautiful sight to see an orchard full of fresh fruit.  Using watercolor I felt I was able to get the glow of the cherries and a good value range of the color of the fruit.  I painted this on Arches 140 lb. cold press paper.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Homestead

This pastel was entered into the NC Statewide Pastel Competition for 2012.  I was thrilled to win the Jack Richeson Award.  I came across this old farmhouse on my travels and felt the history of this home. 

Evening Shadows

Watercolor on Gesso

Painting with watercolor on gesso is an excellent way to create both mood and texture.  Passing by this old house late in the day is such a beautiful scene that I just had to paint it.  After applying a heavy layer of gesso and letting it dry,  I transferred my drawing.  Painting in and taking off paint with water leaves a wonderful effect.